How to Advertise Online from Nigeria

How to Advertise Online from Nigeria

Many people call me to ask for how they can place adverts on the internet. Some amuse me by asking, “How can we make it as effective as yours? It’s always being displayed on Facebook”.

Advertising online is an art. Depending on what you are advertising, you may need a professional to handle your adverts. However, for most people, a few basic tips would be sufficient to get you started:

  • In the world of online advertising, there are three things that matter: Your goals, your budget and your audience.
  • Your goals are the expected results of advertising. Are you advertising just to create a general impression concerning your products or services or do you want to sell a certain number of items?
  • Your budget is the amount you are willing to spend for your entire advertising campaign. You may have to know the maximum amount you would be willing to spend per day.
  • Your audience refers to the kind of people who should see your advert. Are you targeting young techies or old women? Are they in Europe or Africa?
  • Your answers will determine the best advertising medium(s) for you.
  • The two most popular media today are Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.
  • To advertise on Facebook,  just click on “Ads” from your Facebook account. You will have an inter-phase through which you can enter the details of your advert. On Facebook, remember to be concise, avoid using improper expressions and keep it simple. You have the option of linking the advert to your Facebook page or website. Remember to select your target audience.
  • You are allowed to enter a bid for an amount (the maximum amount) you want to pay for a single click (per click) or for a thousand impressions. For me, pay-per-click works better. And a tip- never start your advert by bidding high (unless you are Father Christmas). Bid low and increase your bid based on its effectiveness.
  • To pay for your advert, you need to have a working credit/debit card. Unfortunately, Facebook doesn’t accept our Naira Mastercards. However, I use a Websurfer Card (which is a Dollar Mastercard issued by Zenith Bank). Same goes for Google Adwords.
  • Most of the info above would go for Adwords too. You can sign up at However, Google targets adverts based on keywords (unlike Facebook). This implies that popular keywords may require high bids. You can try using alternative words, though. Enter as many keywords as you can and again, avoid bidding too high.
  • Besides Google and Facebook, you can try some Nigerian based websites that attract significant traffic. You will discover that on the long run, this is almost always cheaper than either Facebook or Google. Of course, you should use such only if your target audience is primarily in Nigeria.
  • Ultimately, what makes your advert effective is the number of sales you are making and how profitable it is for you. So if people are clicking but you are not selling, check your business model! Not all products work well with internet advertising (at least not for small scale Nigerians). Mostly, the internet is good for products that are virtual or can easily be sent by post.
  • I wish you success. Do let me know your observations and questions!


Olumide Adeleye

Olumide Adeleye

Olumide Adeleye is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about issues of youth and unemployment in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Twim Infomedia Solutions Ltd, a company with interests in the media and creative industries. One of its divisions, Twim Academy, is a vocational school that builds entrepreneurial minds in the media arts. Twim Academy was selected as one of the five winners of the MasterCard Foundation / Ashoka Changemakers' "Innovation for Youth Employment in Africa" contest. Olumide has also been selected as a Yunus and Youth Fellow, a fellowship supported by Nobel Peace Laureate, Muhammad Yunus. Olumide holds a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria and various certifications in Information Technology from institutions in India where he also got exposed to the media arts. He is a very engaging public speaker, radio host, writer, photographer, videographer and creative artist. His experiences at Twim Academy have also positioned him to share rare insights in SME startup and growth.



  • Tunji Tunji November 08, at 03:32

    I completely agree with you on advertising on some nigeria sites, how much is it to advertise at your website.

    • Oracle Oracle November 09, at 14:01

      Unfortunately, Kudizone is not open to new adverts at the moment. Will be in a short while, though. May be in about one month from now.

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      What's the address? Feel free to share!

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    Kudos to Kudizone . . . . Placement of adverts online is simple to achieve, as the same pending on how they charge for each advert as in seconds or day also currency USD or there about . . . nice info to us


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