Nigeria’s Power Problem May Soon Come to an End

Nigeria’s Power Problem May Soon Come to an End

It’s well known that Nigeria suffers from epileptic power supply. Like someone said, we changed the name from National Electric (Eplileptic) Power Company to Power Holding Company of Nigeria but it didn’t fix the problem. With billions of dollars spent, Africa’s largest nation is yet to have reliable power supply. Her citizens use loud generators which are expensive to maintain and not very effective. It is touted by many that if Nigeria’s power situation can change for the better, the country will develop faster as it would be a major incentive for local production.

But it seems that hope is hanging around. Not in the government, which has always been generous with promises but stingy with fulfilment, but in the private sector. The good news may be coming all the way from Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe’s richest man, and Chairman of Econet Wireless, Strive Masiyiwa is venturing into solar energy. He will be doing this through his company’s subsidiary, Econet Solar. Econet Solar has launched a device known as the Econet Home Power Station. It allows people to use energy at a relatively lower cost (compared to current solar devices in Africa).

The best part of it is that users will pay for their energy using scratch cards. The device will contain a sim card and will be connected as to a phone network. Users would only have to recharge as necessary.

If this technology gains ground in Zimbabwe, Nigeria may become the next major market for it.


Olumide Adeleye

Olumide Adeleye

Olumide Adeleye is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about issues of youth and unemployment in Africa. He is the founder and CEO of Twim Infomedia Solutions Ltd, a company with interests in the media and creative industries. One of its divisions, Twim Academy, is a vocational school that builds entrepreneurial minds in the media arts. Twim Academy was selected as one of the five winners of the MasterCard Foundation / Ashoka Changemakers' "Innovation for Youth Employment in Africa" contest. Olumide has also been selected as a Yunus and Youth Fellow, a fellowship supported by Nobel Peace Laureate, Muhammad Yunus. Olumide holds a Bachelors degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria and various certifications in Information Technology from institutions in India where he also got exposed to the media arts. He is a very engaging public speaker, radio host, writer, photographer, videographer and creative artist. His experiences at Twim Academy have also positioned him to share rare insights in SME startup and growth.



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    It's good to know because this Nigeria’s Power Problem May Soon Come to an End. Well that's a good news.


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