Georgia Flood: Businesses Halt as Zoo Animals Escape Causing City-Wide Tension

Georgia Flood: Businesses Halt as Zoo Animals Escape Causing City-Wide Tension

On Sunday the 14th of June, Tbilisi, the Georgian capital experienced a heavy rain which led to a devastating flood that claimed up to 12 lives after inundating the whole area including a Zoo. The incidence brought about the escape of zoo animals. Some animals found roaming the residence included Tigers, Wolves, Lions, Bears, Hippopotamus, Hyenas etc. A similar flood of this nature last happened in 2012 which claimed 5 lives.

As a result of the heavy downpour, lots of property have been damaged; leading to the displacement of dozens of people from their houses. This has in no small measures affected the proceedings of businesses as there has been a total lock down of movement in the capital.

Reports have it that 3 bodies have been recovered from the zoo with 2 being employees of the zoo. The danger posed by the escaped animals can therefore not be underrated; hence, the warning from officials that people should stay indoors to avoid being harmed by the escaped zoo animals.

Unarguably, this sad event has led to Monday, 15th June to be declared as a mourning date. This is evidently a blockage to business activities in the area. Shops and roads have been destroyed as well as the sweeping away of small houses and cars.

The Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has immediately made a call on residents to stay indoors until the escaped animals from the zoo have been recovered as there is at the moment; no estimate of the number of escaped animals.

Flood 2

One of the Animals being directed back to the zoo after the flood

Vice-Mayor, Irakly Lekvinadze has made an estimate of the preliminary damage as a result of the heavy downpour to be around $10m (£6.43m). This is definitely a sad news for the people of the city as shops and business establishments all shared in the loss. The extent of the damage is still being investigated as helicopters are being used to circle the city as part of a search and rescue operation with a view to rescuing injured or trapped people and/or locate the zoo animals that have escaped from the zoo.



Jerry Adeyeri

Jerry Adeyeri

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