You Need A Vegetable Garden

You Need A Vegetable Garden

If you ask a random girl of what she does aside her “office job”, she’ll tell you she is a makeup artist, and for a guy, he’ll say he is the CEO of whatever couture.

Ok! I was at the market yesterday to buy pepper for stew and i bought five pieces of  small tomatoes for #200. I had no option than to buy because it was necessary. I eventually bought a thousand Naira worth of pepper which occupied a small size black nylon.

In essence, we have abandoned the agricultural sector in Nigeria. We need to go back to the farm, get our hands on the soil and be productive. For a country blessed like Nigeria, we are not supposed to run short of food or even buy them like gold. It could even start from your garden, having fresh tomatoes, vegetables and the likes. having a poultry won’t be a bad idea of going into fish farming.

Having said all this, this article will give  detailed steps on how to have a vegetable garden at home and our subsequent articles will educate you on how to start a poultry farm or go into fish farming.

To start a vegetable garden, follow these steps:

  • Get a Piece of  Land
  • Test your Soil -You will want to test your soil, and you can use a simple soil-test kit to do this. Just follow the instructions on the kit and you will get your soil pH close enough to successfully grow healthy vegetables.
  • The pH level result will determine the  application of organic matter (fertilizer)
  • Land Preparation– you might need to till your land , remove weeds and stumps,make vegetable beds as well as water channels where necessary.
  • Application of Fertilizer– there are two major types of fertilizers, the inorganic and organic fertilizer. The later is readily available in the soil only on exceptional cases or on the recommendation of crop experts should inorganic fertilizers should be used.
  • Seed- get viable seeds from a reliable store
  • Planting and Watering- after planting, you’ll want to water the seeds you have planted so they don’t lack water.
  • Having done all this, then wait fir the harvest and consumption of fresh and healthy vegetables.


Tosin Adebayo

Tosin Adebayo

Tosin Adebayo is a graduate of mass communication from Ajayi Crowther University Oyo. She is a freelance broadcaster per excellence, a writer a team player and a lover of music. She currently works as the director of and the content creator at, an arm of TWIM Infomedia Solutions.



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