How Poultry Business turned my N50,000 into millions (Part 2) – CEO, Ogunmekan Farms

How Poultry Business turned my N50,000 into millions (Part 2) – CEO, Ogunmekan Farms

Previously, we did talk about Poultry Business; how it has helped a lot of people and the nation’s economy. Mr Ogunmekan, the CEO of Ogunmekan Farms, located in the outskirts of Ibadan, in this series, speaks further about how he was able to establish himself in the industry. He shared with us the very basic tips he employed in transforming his start-up capital of N50,000 into millions in the Poultry farming business. Read the continuation of the excerpts below:

  • How do you manage your birds’ Health?

Birds are like computer systems. They operate on the basis of: “Garbage in, Garbage out”. Their output is equivalent to whatever input they get. They have routine medication and vaccination programs that if adhered to, reduce the likelihood of facing problems in the business. The vaccines to be used should be purchased from reliable sources. So also, the handling of the vaccines should be given attention. Furthermore, feed should not be delayed in any means, as this has a way of opening them to unwanted situations.

I have Vet Doctors that consult for me. They only come when needed. But when you grow to a level where there are a large number of birds on the farm, there may be need for Resident vets.

  • If you weren’t into Agriculture, what other industry would you have been?

(Thinks for a while) Well, I once had the mind of being a medical Doctor or a Pharmacist. But I later found out that I don’t like the sight of blood. So, obviously, it just must be agriculture. I have always had this mind of being into one form of business or the other as I never thought of being a civil servant and Poultry business was readily a good option for me.

  • Do you think there is a formula to Success in Poultry Farming?

The only formula I know in poultry farming is to do the right thing at the right time. Besides that, there are no short-cuts to success.

  • How do you market your products?

Basically, it doesn’t require much marketing because people are looking for eggs everywhere as the supply of eggs is not even meeting the demands in the market. Nigeria is the largest producer of eggs in Africa, yet, the eggs produced is not even enough to satisfy the demand in the country. The resultant effect of this is that, there is always market for a poultry product. Poultry business is a good breeding ground as consumption of poultry products transcend beyond a small scale.

  • How do you handle competition in this business?

Competition can’t be done without in any business, but in poultry business, demand is more than supply, hence, there will always be buyers for the products. Just like the Yoruba proverb which says “The sky is wide enough for birds to fly without hitting one another”, no matter the type of competition you may encounter, the market is wide enough for you to sell your products.

  • Can you briefly assess the recent participation of young people in Agriculture in Nigeria?

Well, it is interesting nowadays that many young people are venturing into agriculture. Not like before where you find very few enthusiasts in the business. The establishment of 3 Federal Universities of Agriculture didn’t even improve the interest of people venturing into Agriculture; it’s the assistance from the Federal Government that has encouraged more hands to come into the industry. A good name to mention on this topic is the former president of Nigeria, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, for his efforts in encouraging agriculture in the country.

  • What are your parting words for Entrepreneurs generally?

Any successful entrepreneur in Nigeria can succeed anywhere because there are usually no supports from anybody for entrepreneurs in Nigeria. I implore entrepreneurs to keep their vision alive. So long the vision is bigger than you; men will help you fuel it. If your vision is not yet bigger than you, it is not yet a vision. Put in your very best and beyond the sky is the limit. It is high time our young graduates threw away their pride and pick up farming as a profession. It pays, I tell you.

  • Thank you for your time.

My pleasure. Thank you too.


Jerry Adeyeri

Jerry Adeyeri

Adeyeri O. Jerry is into Public relations, Photography and Event hosting. Trained as an Animal Scientist from the University, yet, his natural flair for communication-oriented activities, arts, music, Public speaking and writing has stood him out among his peers. He is a Peak performance trainer par excellence with a unique way of imparting knowledge via interesting creativity. He also believes in the power of communication to promote brands and create lasting impression in the minds of his target audience. With many years of experience as a Communications personnel, he has embellished various brands with his productive and time-tested public relations skills. He holds a Bachelors Degree from the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Ogun state, Nigeria.



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