For Drivers! Fatigue Detection Improved Via Smart Steering Wheel Grip

For Drivers! Fatigue Detection Improved Via Smart Steering Wheel Grip

Over the years, accidents have been a major challenge and cause of deaths. Lots of businesses have crashed out due to the untimely deaths of business owners as a result of car accidents. The resultant effect of this is not far-fetched as the economy gets hit either directly or indirectly. Most of the deaths can be attributed to some acts from the driver that needs to be checked.

Examples of common causes of road accidents are the following: Distracted driving, Speeding, Drunk driving, Reckless driving, Rain, Running Red Light, Night driving, Wrong-Way Driving, Driving Under the Influence of Drugs etc.

One particular cause of car accidents that hasn’t really gotten attention is Fatigue on the part of the driver. Yes, Fatigue! It can’t be ignored as many drivers are often found in this state before embarking on a trip.

The good news is that this can now be tracked and dealt with. With the improvement of the New Smart Steering Wheel created by the German firm Hoffman and Krippner, it is now possible to monitor and detect weariness whenever a driver is behind wheels.

This smart steering wheel add-on that monitors the driver’s grip via resistive technology is said to be more effective than current versions at detecting driver fatigue.
The system features a thin strip made up of layers of foil charged with a low current of electricity. When the driver grips the wheel, the layers make contact, creating a pattern of short circuits that is used by the system to create a standard grip pattern. When the driver’s grip varies, the system will sound an alert.

The device can be installed on existing steering wheels, and can also be used to program ten different “hot spots” that can control different features in the car.

Thankfully, with this innovation, the case of accidents caused by fatigue can be detected and the appropriate measures to tackle it is easily identified as this goes a long way in improving the smooth-running of businesses (both small and large scales) around the world generally.


Jerry Adeyeri

Jerry Adeyeri

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